Thursday, June 15, 2017

New opportunities to drive analytics value into business operations: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator

Today, many System z clients are using the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (the Accelerator) to help their organizations gain even greater insight and value from their data. Organizations can offload data-intensive and complex DB2 for z/OS queries to the Accelerator in order to support data warehousing, business intelligence and analytic workloads. The Accelerator executes these queries quickly, without requiring CPU utilization by DB2 for z/OS. The Accelerator is a logical extension of DB2 for z/OS, so DB2 manages and regulates all access to the Accelerator. DB2 for z/OS directly processes relevant workloads, such as OLTP queries and operational analytics. Queries that run more efficiently in a massively parallel processing (MPP) environment are seamlessly rerouted by DB2 for z/OS to the Accelerator. There is one set of credentials that is governed by RACF security, and all access flows through DB2 for z/OS. Users often first see the business value of the Accelerator in handling long-running queries, but many are also finding that the Accelerator can drive cost savings in areas such as administration, storage and consolidation as well as delivering real-time analytics.

This white paper discusses how organizations can improve analytic insight with the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator. It offers guidance to help organizations more quickly uncover new opportunity areas where the Accelerator can have the greatest impact. The paper covers topic areas including:

    •    Accessing enterprise data in place
    •    Gaining advocates from IT, application teams and Lines of Business
    •    Uncovering and expanding opportunities for the DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    •    Measuring the business value of the DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    •    Case studies
    •    The potential for the DB2 Analytics Accelerator to provide even greater ROI

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