Monday, September 14, 2015

z Analytics Business Value Validation Methodology

Are you considering an investment in a z Systems Analytics solution? How will you evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI) that will be realized using this solution? Does the measurement of 'Return' align with your business objectives? The z Systems 'Business value validation workshop' offered by IBM will validate both technically and financially if/how a z Systems centric solution can help you meet your key business objectives.  Typical business objectives include cost savings, cost avoidance, new customer value, customer satisfaction, reduced liability, increased security. 

For example, a fictional company 'Acme Systec' is focused on reducing costs and reduce data sprawl.  This assessment would be used to explore the savings, efficiencies, and new value that can be gained by reducing data sprawl within Acme Systec's IT infrastructure through use case definition, requirement gathering, technical validation and a cost benefit analysis.  The workshop would focus on Acme Systec's specific environment and business requirements, forging a partnership between the application teams, infrastructure teams, and key decision makers.  The application teams provide relevant insight into use cases and business usage, while the infrastructure teams provide insight into current costs and technical configurations.  The workshop recommendations provide a holistic approach to both technical architecture improvement and financial cost reduction. 

The following link contains a sample offering focused on determining the cost savings that can be realized through DB2 z/OS + the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: IDAA Cost Benefit Analysis Link.  For more information about the Business Value Validation Methodology for z Systems, please contact your local IBM z Systems sales specialist.


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